Covid - 19 Lockdown

What have the dive team been up to?

On March 15th, Spain introduced self isolation as a preventative measure against the spread of Covid-19. As of yesterday, after 48 days of strict lockdown we can now enjoy forms of exercise under controlled measures… a highly welcomed relief! With the restrictions starting to ease, the slow journey back to “normal” will begin in the next coming weeks. But what have we been doing all this time to keep ourselves busy? Have we embarked on a journey of self discovery? Or simply raided the fridge all day and binge watched TV? Here’s a little update from some of the Paradise dive team.

Dive Team - tenerife
Covid19 Blog Paradise Divers
Covid19 Blog Paradise Divers

Dan & Sho

Hello! Hoping everyone is keeping safe and well. We are really looking forward to re-opening the dive centre and VERY eager to dive with all of you again! A lot of our time has been spent updating the website (check out our new Specialties and Experience pages) and thinking of new ideas for the future. Additionally, due to the lockdown PADI have been holding weekly online training webinars to support dive centres.

Dan Bakes??

But we can’t spend all day every day thinking about the dive centre! So what else have we been doing to fill our time? Just like a lot of other people, we have taken to cooking as a form of entertainment by baking cakes, scones and making our own homemade pizzas. Admittedly, we have also watched a lot of films and are making our way through the multiple “Arrowverse” TV series (we’re on episode 254 out of 584 – so have a few more to go!)

Animal Crochet!

Dan has taken advantage of the slower-paced day and created some personal and promotional diving videos. He has also taken some online higher level of DSLR photography courses, focusing on land base photography rather than just underwater. So be sure to look out for some scenic shots of Teide in the future! I have taken advantage of the quieter time also and used it to crochet… a lot! With a limited wool selection it has been tough deciding what to make. However, I have attempted two octopus, failed at an orca whale, two shark shaped coasters (can you tell I’m missing diving) two paw print coasters, a cat-ear beanie hat and a large heart bunting for the house.

As resourceful as we have both been at entertaining ourselves (and each other!) we are hopeful the lockdown will end soon so we can return to our normal crazy dive life routine! 

David & Nicky

Well we have kept some form of routine as we have dogs that need to be cared for and the usual household chores. The dogs have enjoyed the extra attention and cuddles. However, I think they will be extremely glad to see the back of us when we can leave the house for longer than one hour again. The weekly shop has become a hugely anticipated event. David goes to the supermarket and I pace the house until he returns. We carefully unpack the bags and I look for any treats he has bought (ice-cream for me and beer for him). Fortunately David enjoys cooking so he has been able to produce a varied menu. When you are in all day, the evening meal definitely becomes very important.

Discovered Hidden Talents?

So, have we learnt any new skills or discovered hidden talents? Well yes and no. I have learned to make animals out of balloons and continued my crochet hobby. Supplies of wool have run desperately low, so I made a cactus garden from more bright colours than nature intended! David has spent time researching his favourite marine creature – sharks and written a couple of blogs for Paradise Divers. Not going to lie, we have spent a lot of time watching TV, but have also spent time keeping in contact with family and friends. 

Appreciate what we have

We have learnt that you can have good days and bad days, motivated days and lazy days. We have probably also learnt more about each other as we are in each others company 24/7. So it may not have been as productive as it could have been, but we have showered and got dressed every day (well almost!). And we have learned to appreciate what we have got and the simple things in life, the people we love and the things we love to do. And I can now make a balloon giraffe!

Dive Team - Paradise Divers
Covid19 Blog Paradise Divers
Covid19 Blog Paradise Divers

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