Our New Dive Centre Layout

Check out the changes we have made!

On the journey back to the “new normal” after Covid-19, we decided to use the time during Tenerife’s deescalation period and change the dive centre layout. The project started to only re-paint the internal walls. But, after removing all the fixtures, we could see more improvements we could make. After countless hours of painting, sawing and drilling we are so proud to share our progress! Currently we are working on an appointment only basis and will re-open fully on the 1st August. (YAY!) Please contact us for bookings.

Dive Centre Shop

Reorganising the layout of the shop has made it feel so much bigger. We have created more wall space so introduced a TV with rolling offers as well as our favourite… the new “Wall of Fame.” We hope to see our customers write us some little messages, or even leave us with some new jokes!
Dive Centre Layout
Reception Layout
Dive Centre Layout
Wall of Fame


With a few adjustments of furniture and a de-clutter, we will continue to use this room to focus on learning, as well as presenting our dive briefings.
Dive Centre Layout - Classroom

Dry Kit & Wet Room

This is by far the biggest change we have made to the dive centre… and we love it! By building a custom BCD and fin rack, we have dramatically increase the changing space. Let’s be honest, trying on a wetsuit can be quite a struggle, so the more space to do so, the better! With the rooms new condensed layout it left a white wall… but it didn’t stay white for long. Instead of filling the space with framed imagery of marine life, Shona wanted to use her “arty” skills and paint a bespoke design. We love the new wall feature and hope to see customers taking photos in front of it and sharing on their social media.

Paradise Divers Kit Room
Dry Kit Room
Dive Centre Layout
Kit Room Fins
Paradise Divers Bell

Air & Nitrox Compressor Room

Not very many customers see the backroom as we keep the door closed due to health and safety. However, this is where the Coltri Nitrox Membrane and Air Compressor live. (If you have been in the dive centre when they are running, you’ll know they are quite noisy!) We reorganised this room to create more space for equipment servicing. There are still a few tweaks to make as we want to buy a bigger cabinate, but that will have to wait for the future.

Dive Centre Compressor
Scuba Service Room

We hope you enjoy the new changes next time you visit us in Tenerife!