Project AWARE

Adopt a Dive Site

Earlier this year we strengthened our support of Project AWARE Dive Against Debris. Paradise Divers proudly made a commitment to the Adopt a Dive Site initiative. 

As most of you know, we continuously do our best to clean all of the dive sites we visit. This is achieved through removing as much marine debris whenever possible. Through joining this initiative our promise is to adopt, protect and monitor the dive site known as Punta Maravilla.

This site was chosen due to its location next to the shore, where many apartments and hotels are built. Due to the increased amount of debris in this area compared to other dive sites, we felt it required our special attention.

Project AWARE - Scuba Tenerife

Through adopting Punta Maravilla we are committed to carrying out monthly Project AWARE Dive Against Debris surveys. This requires us to report all types and quantities of debris found and removed from the dive site. On our most recent Dive Against Debris on 7th March 2020 we collected; 2 plastic bags, 3 bottles, 3 forks, 9 pieces of fishing attire and 1 rubber tyre.

Due to the current global situation, we are saddened to be unable to continue our Dive Against Debris surveys. However, we cannot wait to reopen and maintain our protection of Punta Maravilla… and the rest of our underwater playgrounds!