Project AWARE Week

Anyone can make a difference!

aware week 2020
debris aware week

This year Project AWARE Week took place between 19th – 27th Sep and we were certainly proud to do our bit to help the growing PADI movement dedicated to clean and protect our oceans. Here are a few of the things we did to show our support:

Plastic Free Policy

Firstly, we introduced our new Plastic Free Policy which is aimed at reducing our impact on single use plastic. From the 19th Sept, we will no longer provide drinking water in disposable cups. Instead, we will encourage our customers before their booked activity to bring their own reusable bottle. We will refill re-useable bottles with drinking water at the dive centre as well as on board the boat… completely free of charge! Additionally, if a customer does not own a reusable bottle, they can buy one from the dive shop for €2.00. We see our Plastic Free Policy as a positive change to our daily routine and especially as a way to reduce the amount of single use plastic disposed.

Become a PADI Torchbearer

Each member of our staff became a part of PADI’s Torchbearer Community. PADI Torchbearers inspire others to bring change, help to protect and generally #savetheocean. It is PADI’s mission to create a billion torchbearers. Unquestionably, anyone can make a difference and you can join the growing movement here.

Clean Up Dive

On 25th Sept we carried out a clean up dive at our Adopt a Dive Site known as Punta Maravilla. During our 75 minutes dive we collected 77 pieces of debris – surprisingly, that’s pretty much one piece per minute! Altogether the estimated weight of debris collected was 3kg and included; 24 pieces of plastic, 7 bits of glass, 42 metal fragments, 3 shards of wood and 1 piece of cloth.

As we are a 100% Project Aware partner dive centre, we will continuously support the cleaning efforts and protection of our oceans. Interested in helping our oceans more? Find out how you can become an AWARE Specialist here.


Thanks for reading – Dan