Paradise Scuba Girls

Women's Dive Club in Tenerife

Grab your fins and join the first women’s dive club in Tenerife! Introducing Paradise Scuba Girls – our new women’s community focused on supporting and sharing our love of scuba diving. But why do we think you should join our club?

What was once a sport dominated by men, more and more women are becoming certified divers. Groups like Girls That Scuba and events like PADI Women’s Dive Day have encouraged women to pursue diving as both a hobby and career path. However, there is still a significantly higher number of men becoming certified divers every year. According to PADI, 63% of their certifications were men in 2020. Of course, it goes without saying that scuba diving should be for everyone. No matter how you identify, race, ability, age or background (within the medical limits). In fact, one of the best things about scuba diving is the amount of people you meet and the common passion you share. Through scuba diving, you are instantly part of a worldwide community and this is the core idea behind Paradise Scuba Girls.

Shona, PADI Assistant Instructor from Paradise Divers says “I REALLY LOVE SCUBA DIVING and think myself lucky to be able to call it my job. I meet so many women who love scuba diving just as much as I do, so I wanted to create this online community for our Paradise Scuba Girls.”

So how do you join?

The group is hosted on Facebook and you don’t need to have dived with Paradise Divers, or even in Tenerife before. You simply just need to love scuba diving and want to share your passion with other like-minded ladies! Our first Paradise Scuba Girls event will be to support PADI Women’s Dive Day on 17th July 2021. More details will be announced on Paradise Scuba Girls, so join in and let’s have some fun whilst supporting women divers!