Dive SItes

We have over 30 dive sites in Tenerife available around the South. We selected our most visited sites by Paradise Divers. Click on the divers on the map to read about each site.

We have over 30 sites available around the South of Tenerife. We selected our most visited sites by Paradise Divers. Click on the menu tab below to read about each site.

Alcala diving tenerife
Details: The dive starts at only 5m and is great for beginners and night dive. This site brings a lot of life due to the sheltered cove making the best night dive of Tenerife.

Cave diving tenerife
10m - 15m
Details: One of our favourite dives, the cave is a large in size has a vast amout of marine life that you would not see in any other place in Tenerife. This site is good for experienced and technical divers.

cueva del zorro
18m - 22m
Details: This site is also called Neptunes cave and the dive starts at 10m following a wall down to the cave. The cave is accessible from 18m and 22m depending on experience and qualification. The cave is houses a lot of marine life and makes a perfect dive for photography in and out of the cave.

El Condesito
Details: El condesito sank in 1974 after hitting the coast of Tenerife and was carrying cement bags as cargo.  The dive starts at the back of the wreck where you find the propeller,  after a few rounds of the wreck full of marine life,  you may explore the surrounding canyons.

meridian wreck tenerife
Depth: 30m
Details: This dive is a wreck originally a WW2 mine sweeper later a Tenerife whale watching excursion before it sank in 2006. This wreck is found upright at 30m with the mast approx. 22m. Plenty of life around the wreck and can sometimes see amazing large marine life swimming by.

snorkelling with paradise divers
Depth: 10m - 24m
Details: The dive starts on top of the 10m plateau,  Here you can stay at the depth or descend to the required depth down the wall to a maximum of 24m. This site is home to turtles, sting rays and large schools of roncadores and barracudas.

moray rock tenerife
12m - 18m - 21m
Details: One of our favourite dives is just outside our port. The dive starts at 12m or 18m depending on qualification and you will be greeted by the famous Atlantic sting rays swimming around the anchor waiting for divers! Once you have experienced being close to these amazing creatures you will navigate around the site to see the large number of mid water fish, moray eels living on this site and a small fishing boat wreck.

Dive Site palm Mar
Depth: 18m - 30m - 40m
Details: Your dive starts at 18m, you can stay at this depth or visit the Cave down the wall at 30m. This site has also a deep option down to 40m+. You will often find different kinds of morays and sting rays, lots of mid water fish and at times the odd turtles swimming by.

punta maravilla tenerife project aware
8m - 18m
Details: This is our Project AWARE adopted site and is only a few minutes boat ride from the port. The site is a relaxed and simple dive following a rock/sand border with a small swim through cave and overhangs. The site has given us many sightings of angel and baby mako sharks, stings rays including the marbled electric and much more. Being our Project AWARE site means that we run cleaning dives making sure that the seas are kept clean.

roncadores del faro tenerife
12m - 18m - 30m - 40m
Details: The dive starts on a plateau of 10m with plenty of marine life. Following the wall down to 18m this site has a number of swim throughs which can be enjoyed by new and experienced divers. If you are looking for a more challenging dive then the deeper 30m or 40m option is available with lots of black coral and potential larger life.

Yellow Mountain Diving Tenerife
10m - 18m
Details: This area is well known for its amazing volcanic rock formations and swim through caves. You can dive two different sites within this area, Pinnacle and Cave, one of our favourite swim through caves has a beautiful yellow sea fan, one of the very few seen in the South.