Tec Diving

Extend your dives beyond recreational limits!


Technical Diving allows you to extend your diving beyond recreational “no stop” limits. This allows you to plan longer dives at shallow depths, or to plan dives to more advanced depths and locations. Technical diving allows you to greatly expand your diving skills and knowledge and can provide you with experiences and exploration opportunities in places very few people will ever see.

Increased Range

Exploring deeper than 40 metres

Increased Skills

Using specialized gas mixtures & decompression procedures

Specialized Equipment

Using highly specialized equipment, like stage cylinders and twinsets

Tec diving attracts experienced divers who want to go places other divers cannot. These types of divers usually enjoy a challenge and are willing to focus on technical diving demands. Tec divers are able to visit reefs and wrecks at depths well below the 40 metre recreational limit. 



Be at least 18 years old, have a medical certificate within 12 months, be certified to Rescue, Nitrox and Deep and have 50 logged dives.


Each course will be 4 days, Discover Tec is 1 day.


Twinset or Sidemount, Deco Cylinders and O2 >40%


You will be certified as a Tec 40, 45 or 50 diver.

Tec Diving Tenerife canarias
Discover Tec

Thinking about technical diving, but not sure yet? Discover Tec is a confined water experience to try out technical diving. You get to try Tec equipment and take it for a test dive.

Tec 40

Tec 40 course is where you transition from recreational diving to tec diving. It is the bridge between no stop diving and tec decompression diving. You will qualify to make limited decompression dives to 40 metres and use up to 50 percent oxygen as a deco gas.

Tec 45

This course extends your depth limit to 45m. You will learn to plan and execute single and repetitive decompression dives using a single decompression cylinder with up to 100% oxygen. You will use double cylinders, which can be either back mount or sidemount. 

Tec 50

As a Tec 50 diver, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to make extended range dives to a maximum of 50m. You’ll know how to make dives with multiple decompression stops using two decompression gases. Earning your Tec 50 certification opens the door to deeper diving expeditions.

Discover Tec

  • Try Tec Diving
  • 1 Confined Water Dive
  • Learn the Basics
  • Use Tec Equipment

Tec 40

  • PADI Tec eLearning
  • Up to 10 Minutes Deco
  • Dive to 40 Metres
  • 4 Tec Dives

Tec 45

  • PADI Tec eLearning
  • Unlimited Deco
  • Dive to 45 Metres
  • 4 Tec Dives

Tec 50

  • PADI Tec eLearning
  • Use 2 Deco Cylinders
  • Dive to 50 Metres
  • 4 Tec Dives


We offer guided technical dives to 50m for qualified Tec divers. Visit dive sites beyond the reach of recreational divers and discover our deep volcanic walls and reef full of black coral and fauna.


Guided Tec DivesPrice
1 Tec Dive€99 Includes: Guide, Cylinders & Weights
Gas O2€0.06 per litre
Equipment Rental
Deco Cylinder S63 / S80€8 Excludes gas
Wing (Single/Double Bladder)€10
Suit / Fins / Mask€8