padi specialty courses

Continued Education

Enhance your experience by completing your PADI specialty in Tenerife!

Enjoy your dives even more after completing the PADI specialty in Tenerife for Fish Identification. Learn how to recognise fish families and their characteristics.

The Boat Diver Specialty course gives you the skills and knowledge to become more confident while diving from a boat.

Completing the Deep Diver Specialty course allows you to dive past certain depth limits hence reaching those special dive sites such as wrecks and caves.

Capturing those magical dive memories has never been more fun and easier due to the increase of low cost digital cameras in the market.

During the Dive Against Debris Specialty you will gain the knowledge and skills to help clean dive sites and above all protect our oceans.

Use our oceans currents to help you glide through the underwater world with the PADI Drift Diver Specialty. Also, experience feeling like you are flying.

During the O2 provider course, learn how to recognise illnesses treatable with O2. Knowing how and when to use Emergency Oxygen is certainly a life saving skill. 

If diving down for longer and getting back in the water sooner sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate to become an Enriched Air Diver.

Diving in the dark can be a strange thought. However, the Night Diver Specialty course offers a unique opportunity to witness nocturnal behaviour.

Make diving look easy with perfect buoyancy. Learn how to adjust your trim and use less air with the PPB Specialty course. 

Join Project AWARE’s global united movement and learn how you can make a difference for ocean protection every time while diving.

Safely retrieve heavy hidden treasures, or similarly find the keys you accidentally dropped by taking the Search and Recovery Specialty course.

Witness turtles in their natural habitat while learning identification and conservation skills with the The Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty course. 

Take the first steps in becoming a technical diver and learn how the Sidemount Specialty course can transform your diving style and experience.

It’s becoming increasingly expected for divers to know how to deploy a DSMB. Hence, completing this life saver specialty course is a must.

Find marine life you weren’t previously aware of with the skills and knowledge you gain in the Underwater Naturalist Specialty course.

Take the Underwater Navigator Specialty course to improve observation and compass skills. Become the diver that everyone wants to follow!

Understand why so many divers are fascinated with wreck diving. Learn how to dive a wreck but above all, how to penetrate them safely.