padi AWARE Fish ID

Specialty Course

Understand marine life in Tenerife, this course will help you recognise and identify fish families.

The Fish Identification Specialty is great to learn the basics of why we actually became divers! Not only to see the marine life in Tenerife, but also to identify what you are looking at underwater. After completing the Fish Identification Specialty course you will be able to recognise fish families as well as their characteristics. Being able to identify what you are looking at during your dives can make them even more enjoyable. 

If you are 10 years old and a PADI Open Water Diver or higher you can enrol in the AWARE Fish Identification Specialty course. 

What will you learn:

  • How to identify characteristics of local fish families and species
  • Fish survey techniques and strategies
  • About Project AWARE activities that can help protect aquatic life

Once completing this course you will find it easier to reference the exact species of marine life you see during a dive. For example, an angel shark in the Canary Islands has a similar shape to an angel shark in South America however the colours and markings are different. If you recognise which family it belongs to, you will probably be able to make an educated guess, regardless of the visual differences.

How many dives will you do:

You will complete two scuba dives from our boat or the shore.

What equipment will you use:

in addition to using basic scuba equipment, you will use a data slate and fish ID card to record your findings. After the dive you will use our fish ID books to identify any other species you may not have identified whilst underwater.

What’s included:

  • Classroom workshop
  • Certification
  • 2 dives
  • Equipment hire

Price: €189