Scuba Equipment Servicing

Have your scuba equipment serviced whilst on holiday

We offer scuba equipment servicing for most brands, whether sold at our dive centre or not. Our qualified A.S.S.E.T. Scuba Technician has over 10 years of experience to ensure servicing is to a very high standard. But why service scuba equipment? It improves the performance, durability as well as overall safety. Additionally, regular care increases the equipment’s life-span. This could mean your investment into some pretty expensive gear will last longer.

Scuba equipment servicing available:

All servicing is complete in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

First, we dismantle the 1st stage, 2nd stage, and alternate 2nd stage to clean and replace service parts. Secondly, we inspect the SPG and all hoses so service parts can be replaced and lubricated. Finally, the regulator undergoes stringent testing to finish.
The BCD inflator and auto-dumps are dismantled for inspection, cleaning, and lubrication. The inflator works with many moving parts, so it is important to replace the o-rings. Similarly, the BCD undergoes a performance test.
Scuba Cylinder
Cylinder servicing covers two areas, visual inspections as well as hydro testing. The testing requirements are usually determined by the local law. The requirements in Spain are: visuals once per year, hydrostatic testing once every three years. 
If your equipment is not listed here then please ask!
Scuba Equipment Servicing

Regulator Servicing

Labour: €25
Service kits: € depends on brand
Duration: 1 day

Other Servicing

Basic BCD: €10
Advanced BCD: €20
Cylinder Visual: €22
Cylinder Hydro: €25


scuba equipment servicing
scuba equipment servicing
Cressi - Scuba Equipment Servicing