PADI Courses

Diver Education

The beginner level of our PADI courses in Tenerife. Learn how to dive with a PADI Professional by completing the Scuba Diver course.

Become a certified PADI Open Water Diver and safely explore the oceans with a buddy, any where in the world.

Further your diving education and explore deeper depths with the PADI Adventures in Diving programme.

Enrol in one of the most rewarding PADI courses and learn how to make your diving adventures safer. 

Continue your diving by exploring your interests through the PADI Specialty programmes we offer.

Become a pro and travel the world! Visit our PADI Pro Page and make scuba diving your career.

Why choose PADI courses in Tenerife?

PADI teaches the most respected and sought after scuba diving courses in the world. So, no matter where you choose to dive your PADI qualification will be recognised. Also, you will likely be surrounded by other PADI divers who made the same decision as you.

The PADI system of diver education is the most instructionally solid system. PADI courses are designed to make learning enjoyable and at the same time worthwhile.
Performance-Based Learning:
You progress at your own pace while proving mastery of performance requirements. You must earn your PADI certification, but you will do so in an encouraging environment.
Educational Materials:
PADI materials are created with the student diver in mind. With independent study materials such as eLearning you can learn in a way that works for you. In other words, from the comfort of your own bed!
Educational Standards:
All PADI programmes, entry-level through to scuba instructor, fall under strict educational standards. This provides worldwide consistency as well as a quality that you can depend upon.