scuba diver course certification in confined water

Scuba Diver

Take your first fin kicks and learn how to dive with a PADI Professional by completing the Scuba Diver course



  • 3 Confined Water Dives (1 Day)
  • 2 Open Water Dives (1 Day)
  • Certification to 12m with a certified PADI Professional
  • Online theory
open water diver exploring open water

Open Water Diver

Become a certified PADI Open Water Diver with Paradise Divers and explore the underwater world wherever you go


  • 5 Confined Water Dives (1 Day)
  • 4 Open Water Dives (2 Days)
  • Certification to 18m with a buddy
  • Online theory
advanced open water diver adventures in diving programme

Advanced Open Water

Further your diving education, experience more and go deeper with the PADI Adventures in Diving programme


  • 5 Adventure Dives (2/3 Days)
  • Deep & Navigation plus 3 of your choice
  • Certification to 30m with a buddy
  • Online theory
rescue diver course paradise divers tenerife

Rescue Diver

Enrol in the most rewarding PADI scuba diver course and ensure the safety of you and those around you to make your diving even more enjoyable. Spot issues, dive safe and have fun


  • Multiple  Open Water Dives (2 Days)
  • Certification as a PADI Rescue Diver
  • Emergency Oxygen use
  • Online theory
Paradise Divers specialty programme course interest wreck


Take your diving even further by exploring YOUR interests through the many PADI Specialty programmes Paradise Divers offer

 The most popular:

  • Wreck (2 Days)
  • Deep (2 days)
  • Nitrox (1 Day)
  • Drift (1 Day)
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy (1 Day)
pro diving PADI divemaster scuba diving career

Become a pro and travel the world with diving as a PADI Divemaster! Take the first steps into making scuba diving your career with the Divemaster course at Paradise Divers.

padi courses paradise divers tenerife
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