Guided Dives Tenerife

Experience Tenerife

Join us for guided dives in Tenerife for great dive sites, friendliest guides and a lot of fun!

Our guided dives in Tenerife will take you to the best variety of marine life and typography. We dive via our own 8m sports RIB and enjoy the odd shore dive from time to time. Your safety and experience are our top priorities. Our guides are PADI professionals with over 10 years experience of diving in Tenerife. We have explored our dive sites extensively and use our knowledge to navigate you to the best spots! Our focus is to show you the highlights of Tenerife diving. Whether it’s beautiful marine life or volcanic rock formations, we want you to see the best we have to offer.

We take into account your previous dive experience and tailor the sites we visit to suit everyone. In other words, if you are a new diver we wouldn’t take you to a dive site where we expect strong currents. (Unless you want to complete the Drift Diver Specialty with us). Additionally, if you are an experienced diver and want to dive advanced sites, we also plan these on a daily basis. Simply, we like to tailor dive experiences around you and offer flexible packages that suit your needs.

Our guided dives have a maximum of 6 divers per dive guide. Also, we never go beyond divers qualification limits. With over 30 sites available we are sure we can offer you the best guided dives in Tenerife. Check out some of our favourite dive sites!

How often do we dive?

We can organise one to four guided dives per day (always following your dive computer’s no-deco rules).

Two Morning Dives: 8:45am – 2:30pm
One Afternoon Dive: 3:30pm – 5:30pm
One Night Dive: 7pm – 9pm

Number of DivesPackage PricePrice per dive
1 Dive€40€40
2 Dive package€70€35
4 Dive package€128€32
6 Dive package€186€31
8 Dive package€240€30
10 Dive package€290€29
12 Dive package€336€28
Night Dive€55
Equipment Hire€10 per day
Nitrox per cylinder€3.50
Dive Computer€3 per dive
Torch€3 per dive
Camera Hire€15 per day
1 Day dive Insurance€6
1 Week dive insurance€15
1 Month dive insurance€25