• Divemaster Intern – David My PADI Divemaster Internship in Tenerife How I Got Here The journey to my PADI Divemaster Internship in Tenerife started three years ago. Like many other people, I got addicted to this awesome sensation of being underwater. In December 2020 before the 2nd COVID-19 lockdown, I Read More
  • Women's dive club Tenerife
    Paradise Scuba Girls Women’s Dive Club in Tenerife Join PARADISE SCUBA GIRLS HERE Grab your fins and join the first women’s dive club in Tenerife! Introducing Paradise Scuba Girls – our new women’s community focused on supporting and sharing our love of scuba diving. But why do we think you Read More
  • nudibrach tenerife
    Actually, what are Nudibranchs? The short answer is… they are sea slugs! As the water temperature increases we will start to see more nudibranchs in Tenerife. But what actually is a nudibranch? The short answer is, a sea slug! The most common around the Canary Islands is the “Giant Doris” or Read More
  • coastal clean up Tenerife
    Coastal Clean Up in Tenerife The first ever PADI Run/Hike Against Debris On Sunday 8th March we organised a coastal clean up in Tenerife to continue our efforts to clean the ocean. We hosted the first PADI Run/Hike Against Debris, with the aim to collect debris from the coast. The Read More
  • trumpetfish in Tenerife
    Trumpetfish are cool Why we love to dive with them We love to dive with trumpetfish in Tenerife! Their distinctive characteristics make them easily recognisable and interesting to watch. Luckily they are very common across our dive sites, so you are likely to encounter at least one during your dive. Read More
  • Nitrox Blog Tenerife
    5 Reasons to Become an Enriched Air Diver Start your next PADI Specialty We can think of loads of reasons why you should become an enriched air diver. Since it is the most popular PADI Specialty, a lot of other divers would agree. If you are already a certified diver Read More
  • aware week 2020
    Project AWARE Week Anyone can make a difference! This year Project AWARE Week took place between 19th – 27th Sep and we were certainly proud to do our bit to help the growing PADI movement dedicated to clean and protect our oceans. Here are a few of the things we Read More
  • dive in tenerife
    So why dive in Tenerife? We want to show you the best bits! Call us bias, but we love to dive in Tenerife. Every descent under the water can offer a new experience. Whether you discover interesting lava formations, or beautiful marine life. Tenerife has a lot to offer and Read More
  • Reception Layout
    Our New Dive Centre Layout Check out the changes we have made! On the journey back to the “new normal” after Covid-19, we decided to use the time during Tenerife’s deescalation period and change the dive centre layout. The project started to only re-paint the internal walls. But, after removing Read More
  • Dive centre procedures
    Post Covid-19 Our Dive Centre Procedures As of Monday 11th May, Tenerife will proceed into Phase One of the Spanish deescalation plan and start to move on from Covid-19. Whilst it’s unclear when we can re-open the dive centre, we are using the time to implement important safety procedures. This Read More
  • PD Personal info
    Covid – 19 Lockdown What have the dive team been up to? On March 15th, Spain introduced self isolation as a preventative measure against the spread of Covid-19. As of yesterday, after 48 days of strict lockdown we can now enjoy forms of exercise under controlled measures… a highly welcomed Read More
  • Shark Blog - Paradise Divers
    Introduction to Sharks How do they make you feel, fear or curiosity? Where are they from? Sharks are essentially a large group of fish that have inhabited the oceans for over 416 million years, even before the lumbering dinosaurs populated our planet. They belong to the order Chondrichthyes, and modern Read More