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    When is a shark not a shark? The development of sharks This may appear to be a very strange question, but if we go back in time some 400+ million years to the Devonian Period (commonly known as the age of the fishes), where we saw the development of the Read More
  • Diving Lockdown Blog Tenerife
    Nothing Compares To You DM Nicky’s experience of diving lockdown due to Covid-19 “It’s been seven hours and fifteen days, since you took your love away” sang Sinead O’Connor in her famous song Nothing Compares to You. Well it’s been four hours and 28 days since I last got out Read More
  • Project AWARE - Scuba Tenerife
    Project AWARE Adopt a Dive Site Earlier this year we strengthened our support of Project AWARE Dive Against Debris. Paradise Divers proudly made a commitment to the Adopt a Dive Site initiative.  As most of you know, we continuously do our best to clean all of the dive sites we Read More
  • Divemaster Training
    Divemaster Intern – Nicky “In a world where you can be anything – be kind” “Be Kind” These two words are currently so high profile in today’s media. There’s a growing movement towards how a comment, particulary on social media, can affect the person they are aimed at. Not only Read More
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    Communications Underwater Scuba Diving Communications OK? OK! Scuba diving, like pizza, is an activity best shared (it’s also best without pineapple, but I digress). One of the first things we learn as new divers is the importance of diving in a buddy team. Whether all divers make good buddies is Read More
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    Divemaster Intern – David “It has taught me a lot about myself” Hi, my name is Dave! I am 64 years old and in the last stages of completing my Divemaster Intern with Paradise Divers. I retired in December 2018 and moved to Tenerife and was looking for something to Read More
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    Divemaster Internship Archive Blogs of our PADI Divemaster Internship in Tenerife Harrison Well its the 10th week of my Divemaster Internship already and I cant believe how quick its going. I imagine after a week of being home I’ll want to be back out here diving again, and that’s what just Read More
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    Divemaster Internship Archive Blogs of our PADI Divemaster Internship in Tenerife Dan Lambert During my PADI Divemaster Internship in Tenerife I had to answer quite complicate questions, such as: What kind of cheese do you use to coax a bear out of a cave? These are the kind of questions Read More
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    Buoyancy How can I get Buoyancy Control! Archimedes’ principle indicates that the upward buoyant force that is exerted on a body immersed in a fluid, whether fully or partially submerged, is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces.. It acts in the upward direction at the Read More
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    Navigation Tips I know where I want to go, but how do I get there? One of our divers recently asked me a question  “How do you do it? Lead a dive and know exactly where you are going and how to get back to the anchor?” Well as it Read More
  • Cuttlefish - Paradise Divers Tenerife
    Cuttlefish What do you think of them? Cuttlefish are among one of the most unusual marine life in Tenerife. Luckily we see them at most of our dives sites.  It’s always interesting to watch them change colour and pattern so rapidly depending on their mood and to become camouflaged to Read More
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    Have you ever felt the urge? Why do you need “to go” more often when diving? A question that was raised by one of our scuba divers on a recent trip; “why can I go for hours and hours on dry land and not need a wee, but as soon Read More